« An incredible story »

La Grande-Motte : a little-known point in the history of the Grand-Mottoise nights – a major archaeological discovery

In 1963, « La Mission Racine » was created to carry out major infrastructure works with a view to developing the Mediterranean coast.
In 1965, work on La Grande-Motte began and the first nightclub was built in record time under Place du Forum by eccentric English DJ, Malone Powers.
For 2 years, the club ignited the nights of Grand-Mottoises and it was considered the most groovy place in France.
In 1967, just like his cousin, famed international spy Austin Powers, Malone was forced to cryogenize to protect the family Mojo and nightclubbing.
The exact location of her cryonics capsule was kept top secret, but there were many rumors that it was hidden somewhere in the nightclub lair.
The construction of the city continued for many years and the club became successively a theater, a cabaret then a cinema before being abandoned and replaced definitively by a Casino.
In 1997, Austin Powers was thawed to fight his worst enemy Dr. Denfer.
Malone Powers should have been thawed at the same time but the authorities, having misplaced his file, forgot it in La Grande-Motte.
It was not until 2019, during the construction of the foundations of the new seafront residence in place of the old Casino, that workers came across the underground ruins of the old nightclub.
In order not to damage the remains of a bygone era when freedom was the watchword, renowned archaeologists such as Mr Jones or treasure hunters such as Mr Gates were urgently called in to explore this maze of rooms where they could find memorable relics of fiestas engraved in the memory of the oldest.
After careful exploration, it was in a dusty wooden crate that they discovered Malone Powers’ cryopreservation capsule hidden under tons of popcorn.
In April 2019, the crate was repatriated to a laboratory in order to initiate the thawing process. In order not to cause an irreversible spatio-temporal shock when he wakes up, many various and familiar accessories from the time have been placed around the cash register.
Despite all the precautions taken, cryonics (commonly called cryogenics) had created ice crystals damaging the cells and cellular structures of his face. To date, no treatment exists. Malone Powers is forced to wear a mask at all times to protect his face.
When he woke up, his first words were « Yeah Groovy Baby »! and despite his excitement, the science team had to explain to him that it was in 2019 and that everything had changed.
During the last 2 years, Malone Powers has adapted to her new life in a secret place in La Grande-Motte. He recovered his Mojo then his turntables and returned to music production by collaborating with many artists under different pseudonyms.
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